Child Size 00 and 0 E-Hogu are available now !

NOW AVAILABLE ! A chestgear specially designed for young children with a higher sensitivity and a more flexible...

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E-Foot Gear

The E-Footgear sensors will create a point with a Truescore E-Hogu when impact occurs at or beyond the adjustable...

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E-Chest Gear

The E-Hogu system can be used in practice or at events. There is less than a 5 ounce difference between the...

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E-Instep V.2

The E-Instep v.2 is the improved version of the E-Instep and can be used instead of the E-Foot Gear by younger...

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The E-Headgear system will only detect foot techniques to valid scoring areas of the headgear. The E-Headgear...

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